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Better ergonomic

The result of using the Nilfisk central vacuum cleaner is easy vacuuming. No heavy and awkward machine to drag around, it is easy to get into corners, up and down stairs, vacuum at any height without heavy lifting and you have a hose which is never too short

Ergonomic thinking
-take care of yourself

The average consumer vacuums around 2-3 hours per week. This is a lot of time and it is therefore important to think further about how to vacuum.

Nilfisk use many resources developing the right products for our customers and therefore, ergonomics is an important part of the development process.

The Nilfisk Central Vacuum Cleaner handle is easy and handy to use and the bend end can easily be adjusted to any height. The handle is also coated with soft rubber which makes it very comfortable. The hose is light in weight and you avoid having to carry around an ordinary heavy and uhandy vacuum cleaner.

Ergonomic thinking makes vacuuming easier and more convenient for you.


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