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Why central vacuum

Better indoor climate

The Nilfisk-central vacuum cleaner completely removes dust from the room and puts it into a large "remote” container with an exhaust vent on the outside of the house – which means that all unpleasant odors and micro-particles are blown outdoors.

Less noise
The quietness in particular is a major advantage, as you can still hear the phone ring, listen to music and watch TV. You can even vacuum clean without disturbing the rest of the family's activities. In fact, you can continue to take part in them whilst vacuuming.


High suction power
The powerful motor ensures constant, efficient suction, which effectively removes dust. Even from shaggy rugs. The suction is so strong that air rushes through the pipes at 100 kph, and the effort is constant, because the container is filled from the top down. This avoids sucking air through a half-filled dust bag as in ordinary vacuum cleaners.

Discreet installation
The discreet inlets blend perfectly into modern interior design. The only attention they attract is admiration.
Having the Nilfisk central vacuum cleaner is like having an invisible vacuum cleaner, because you can hardly see or hear it.

No odors
This efficient form of cleaning does more than just pick up dust - it removes dust and odors totally from the room and collects it in the central suction unit, which is located at an out-of-the-way place, such as in the garage, loft or basement.

Better ergonomic
With the Nilfisk central vacuum cleaner there is no heavy and awkward machine to drag around, it is easy to get into corners, up and down stairs, vacuum at any height without heavy lifting and you have a hose which is never too short.


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