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All products are tested to last for many years. To give you the best service Nilfisk gives 5 years of motor war­ranty on all suction units.

Not only suction units are tested to have the best quality. Example the wheal at the Nilfisk combination nozzle is tested to run a minimum of 500 km.

The HEPA filter simplifies installation if you cannot keep the exhaust out into the open. For example if you live in an apartment or have placed the machine in the basement. Further, you save energy as you maintain the heat in the house. Our vacsoc hosecover protect you hose and it is washable. The relieve flexion toward the floor and protects walls and door frames against impacts.

Whatever you need Nilfisk have a large range of accessories


Combi nozzle 32 cm
Itmen number: 42000142
Hard floor nozzle 30cm Ø32
Item number: 42000137
Crevice floor nozzle 32cm
Item number: 42000139

Brush nozzle
Item number: 42000144

Upholstery nozzle
Item number: 42000143

Hosehanger, plastic
Item number: 42000313

Exhaust vent cap square
Item number: 42000273

Telescopic wand plastic Ø35
Item number: 42000306

Vacsoc hosecover, 9 m
Item number: 42000303

Hosehanger metal
4 slots for small nozzles
Item number: 42000133

Pipe cutter
Item number: 42000300

Vacpan white
Dimension: 4,2 x 17cm
Item number: 42000233

Vacpan alu
Dimension: 4,2 x 17cm
Item number: 42000237

Vacpan black
Dimension: 4,2 x 17cm
Item number: 42000235

Cover plate for vacpan white
Dimension: 26,5 x 10cm
Item number: 42000240

Cover plate for vacpan black
Dimension: 26,5 x 10cm
Item number: 42000241

Cornor cover
(2 x 1,22cm)
Item number: 42000272

Item number: 42000400

Polyester bag
20 liters (3 pc. in bag)
Item number: 42000317

Polyester bag
10 liters (3 pc. in bag)
Item number: 42000473

Tådløs Modtagerboks med 3 M Datakabel
Item number: 107408055


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