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Installation in new houses

The suction unit can be located anywhere in the house, and you only need access to it a couple of times a year to empty the container.
NB: The unit should be vented outside living areas.

The suction unit can be placed:
- In the garage
- On the ceiling
- In a high cabinet
- In the basement

Hiding the pipe system:
- In the foundation
- In the walls
- In the inner walls
- Above the ceiling

1. Example on a inlet the wall 2. Example on a inlet in the floor

In new houses it is most common to install the pipes in
the foundation and then place the inlet in the wall as
on the picture.
Another alternative to the inlet in the wall is the floor inlets. This comes in either crome or antique braz.
This can also be used if you place the machine in the basement and is dragging the pipes through the floor.



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