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High suction power and no odors

The Nilfisk vacuum cleaner solves the problem once and for all. Odors are removed from the room since dog and cat hair is efficiently picked up. The air is filtered and vented outdoors. The result is a better indoor climate for all pet owners. Cleaner air also helps relieve the symptoms of allergy sufferers.

High level of suction
The powerful motor ensures constant, efficient suction, which effectively removes dust. Even from shaggy rugs. The suction is so strong that air rushes through the pipes at 100 km/h, and the effort is constant, because the container is filled from the top down. This avoids sucking air through a half-filled dust bag as in ordinary vacuum cleaners.

Air rushes through the pipes at 100 km/h....

Perfekt for any pet owner
Nilfisk central vacuum cleaners are ideal if there are pets in the home. Animal fur contains lanolin, which gives an unpleasant odor when heated in an ordinary vacuum cleaner.


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