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Discreet installation

The discreet inlets blend perfectly into modern interior design. The only attention they attract is admiration.
Having the Nilfisk central vacuum cleaner is like having an invisible vacuum cleaner, because you can hardly see or hear it.

The quietness in particular is a major advantage, as you can still hear the phone ring, listen to music and watch TV. You can even vacuum clean without disturbing the rest of the family's activities. In fact, you can continue to take part in them whilst vacuuming.

Easy installation
-even in existing houses

Anyone can have a Nilfisk central vacuum cleaner installed in their house, and no technical expertise is needed to do so. There are several options for installing the central vacuum cleaner, depending on the configuration of your home.

1. Garage
2. Loft space
3. High cabinets
4. BAsement

DESIGN inlets
The inlets are discreetly located, often in skirting boards where the 9 meter-long hose can reach the furthest. The central container can be used with or without dust bag. Dust flows into the container at such a high speed that the particles are compressed and cannot escape again. Thefilter in the central vacuum cleaner has a very largefiltration surface which ensures perfect air ­flow.



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